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On-line beginnerscourse for students, academic staff and other employees of Leiden University by Drs Willem Oud Ammerveld, MD Institute for Interpersonal Communication, Personality Psychologist and Executive Coach for global corporations. Willem has practised Acem-meditation for more than 25 years and taught thousands of individuals how to meditate, e.g. at the Universities of Groningen, Rotterdam and Leicester.

On-line coursedata: 9th, 16th and 23rd January 2021.

Live Coursedata: to be determined, based on interest and circumstances. One 2 1/2 hour workshop and two virtual follow-ups. 
Locatie: Plexus Studentencentrum, Kikkerstraat 2e verdieping, Kaiserstraat 25, 2311 GN Leiden

Coursefee: € 95,-, for employees and €65-, for fulltime students of Leiden University and other educational institutes.
Application and information: info@acem.nl


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